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              E-Mail from Starbucks

Please find attached a response in relation to my questions regarding the company's official GM policies. It would seem to me, from their extremely vague response, that their products do in fact, contain genetically modified ingredients and/or derivatives.

While they say their coffee beans are not genetically modified, they supposedly, do not know whether any of their other ingredients do and I would certainly take this to be a sure  sign that they are supporting genetic engineering.

Every other company I have questioned has been able to supply me with a solid answer either one way or the other.  This response is rather pathetic if you ask me... they don't even know (or they don't want to tell us) what is in their food!

Anyway, my advice is to avoid Starbucks (and the other brands I have written reviews on) until they can make a commitment against genetically modified ingredients in their products.  Genetic Modification is untested technology and is endangering our environment and health. It should be tested in the laboratories like other experiments, not on the general public... don't let yourself become the labrat.

I would like to recommend Starbucks but can not do so until they can guarantee their product GM free.

Thank you for your inquiry regarding genetic modification of Starbucks foods (and/or beverages). We recognize that this issue is of increasing concern to our customers. At Starbucks we have a long-standing commitment to address the social and environmental effects of our business and are actively seeking to understand the agricultural issues related to our foods and beverages.

Beginning with our coffee, our research has shown that all of our coffee beans are free from genetic modification. Unfortunately, at this time, there is little information available to the US community regarding the genetic modification of specific foods or food ingredients. As you are probably aware, there are currently no guidelines or regulations in the US regarding the identification or labeling of genetically engineered products.

The current lack of information in no way lessens our commitment to you to follow this issue. As we learn more, we will share our insights with our customers and develop policies that reflect Starbucks guiding principles.

Thank you again for contacting Starbucks Coffee Company.

Kavitha J.
Customer Relations
 Starbucks Coffee Company

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Received 13 June 2000