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Ragdoll Cats

Background Breed Information & Personalities

Ragdolls truly deserve their name. The name implies to Ragdolls´ tendency to relax all their muscles and go limp in one´s arms like big beanie babies, but they have other characteristics that could be connected to a ragdoll: they are friendly, sweet, loving, docile, gentle and serene. Although they have many good qualities, it is the personality which has made people call Ragdolls addictive!

Ragdolls are "people-oriented" cats who love to be with humans and attach strongly to their owners. Many
Ragdoll owners tell how their cats wait for them at the door when they come home and follow them everywhere like shadows! Ragdoll owners are rarely alone; Ragdolls want to take part of everything that happens in the house and "help" their owners on whatever they do. Because Ragdolls want to be close to their humans, they are always on danger to be stepped on! Luckily they also forgive easily. Because Ragdolls are very social, you should get at least two cats if you are a lot of time away from home.

Ragdolls are calm, yet moderately active and like to play. With their easy-going attitude, they get along well with other animals and children and rarely use their claws while playing with someone.
Ragdolls can also adapt to live in a small apartment and they are happy living indoors, as long as you play with them and provide them cat toys and a climbing tree.  In fact Ragdolls should never be let go
outside alone, because they are very trusting and tend to think of everyone as a friend. Their trusting nature also shows in the way they let people handle them: you can put Ragdolls on their backs and carry
them like babies, and unlike most cats, they actually often enjoy tummy rubs!

Ragdolls are usually not very "talkative" and they have a quiet voice. Yet they have a large vocabulary and often Ragdoll owners tell how they cats "chirp", "squeak" and "growl"!

Ragdolls are less stubborn than most cats tend to be and they can be easily trained. They usually learn the
same tricks as dogs, like retriving toys, rolling and begging. They are also easy to teach how to walk on a leash and how to use a scratching post. Ragdolls are generally not destructive at home, because they are calm and usually prefer the floor-level to climbing.  Due their lack of undercoat, Ragdolls shed relatively little.

Don´t forget that these are only common qualities in Ragdolls and just like in any other breed, they don´t apply to all of them. Every Ragdoll is an individual!

Our Cats

Father:    Archibald (Archie), our blue bicolour stud:                 

Mother:    Star, our seal bicolour queen:                                      

Although they are not related, they were purchased at the same time and have been brought up together since they were three months old.  They are very affectionate towards eachother and, although they enjoy their own feline company, they are extremely social with humans and follow us around everywhere.


We are expecting kittens in early March, most likely seal & blue bicolours.  Photos will be posted as soon as possible.

Price:              Kittens may be purchased for £100 each or £150 for a two.

Collection:     They are available for collection from Hampstead Garden  Suburb,  London
                       or delivery can be arranged UK wide (at buyers expense).

Payment:       Payment must be made prior to or at the time of collection delivery.  This can be made via
                       either electronic transfer, direct deposit, cheque or cash.

Kittens will be ready to take home at 12 weeks.  By this time they should be fulled weaned and litter trained.  We recommend you buy 2 ragdolls as this is double the joy for you and 10 times the joy for them!  Just as humans need human company, felines need feline company.  I believe it is less demanding to take care of 2 cats than 1.

Diet & Nutrition

We feed Archie and Star a raw meat and bones diet consisting only of the freshest organic produce.   Based upon the research we have done, we believe a raw diet close to what they would eat in the wild, is best for them.  For further information see the following links:

The BARF Webring
BARF guide (including photos of meal preparation)


As Ragdolls are strictly indoor only cats vaccinations are, in my opinion, not essential.  If you would like the extra sureity, I would not recommend the usual course of vaccinations as they have serious short and long term side effects but recommend "homeopathic nosodes" which are available for every potential disease.  Homeopathic nosodes are a safe and effective method of disease prevention.  For further information see:

Advantages of Nosodes for Disease Prevention