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United Kingdom of Great Britain

The following sites I recommend cover properties all over Britain.  If you are looking at  a particular locations, these sites will point you to more specialised sites and agencies.  One thing to remember when looking for properties in London is to make sure you get a freehold, not a leasehold... a leashold is effectively, a long let.

For both top end properties and properties under £1,000,000 UK wide, please take a look at Country Life, a UK produced magazine online or in hard copy.  Country Life covers Scotland, Wales, England and London.  My only complaint with this site are the lack of photos (usually only one or two).

Another interesting site is Dali who deal in international assets including properties and castles worldwide.  While they only feature a few properties in the UK, they are exquisite.  The most expensive being USD$13,000,000 so it's worth taking a look.

For another good database of properties within the United Kingdom I recommend FPD Savills, the site features a number of top end mansions and historical properties.

           FPD Savills


           Country Life