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E-Mail from Heinz

While Heinz states states that their "baby foods" do not contain genetically modified ingredients, they do state that their other products do. This includes toddler foods. The attached letter, therefore, confirms that Heinz products contain genetically modified ingredients. Genetic Engineering has not been satisfactorily tested for the long term affects on human health and nor has it been tested for the realistic potential environmental hazards. As the ingredients have not been properly tested, I urge you to not allow this testing on your child because that's effectively what it is. What happens in 10 years time when statistics show an increased rate of cancer from genetically modified crops?  The product is withdrawn but what
happens to you? You are supposed to be satisfied with a "sorry, we didn't know". Don't let the companies convince you that it's okay  because the government has approved it. We can't rely on the government to nanny us.  As you would know, they've made their share of mistakes in the past... it wasn't so long ago when we thought radiation was good for us!  Basically, the technology is untested and has not been proven fit for human consumption.  Don't let yourself or your child be the guinea pig!

Here is an E-Mail I received from the Heinz company after asking for their policy on Genetically Modified Materials in their products:

"None of our heinz infant Foods contain any genetically modified ingredients or derivatives. As for our other Heinz products, this is not something that we can guarantee. Although we do not specifically request genetically modified ingredients, we can't guarantee that some of the ingredients may or may not stem from genetically modified crops.

Our primary concern is to ensure that all our products meet the highest standards of food quality and safety.  Therefore, we use only ingredients that are deemed to be safe and approved for use by the          appropriate  authorities. All of our products comply with the relevant regulations and laws, including labeling requirements.

We continue to monitor developments on this subject. We are committed to providing a range of safe and nutritious products that consumers will both enjoy and trust".


Sophie M

Do we really want to support a company who says they care about  "food quality and safety" but then include untested potentially  hazardous ingredients in their products?  I certainly do not.

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Received 09 June 2000