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E-Mail from Kellogg's

I have attached a response below which I have received from Kellogg's regarding their policy on using genetically modified organisms in their products.  They have admitted their products do contain GMO's but then deny responsibility at the same time by putting the onus back on the government to test.

Notice they say on the one hand that "our supply would likely include biotechnology-produced grain" but on the other hand say "we continue to seek ways to provide our consumers with grain-based foods of superior nutrition for a healthier life".  A bit of a contradiction of terms don't you think?

I urge you all to stay away from Kellogg's brand. Basically, unless it's certified organic, we have to presume that it contains GMO's and avoid accordingly.

                       "Thank you for contacting Kellogg Company concerning the use of
                       biotechnology-produced grains in our products.

                       For more than 90 years, Kellogg Company has been providing consumers
                       with great-tasting, nutritious food products. The ingredients we use to
                       create our foods have been approved by the appropriate regulatory
                       authorities, and our research and manufacturing groups continually monitor
                       our raw ingredients to ensure that only the best quality grains are used. All
                       of our products comply with the food labeling requirements in the markets in
                       which they are sold throughout the world.

                       Kellogg Company uses grain from a number of suppliers in our country, so
                       our supply would likely include biotechnology-produced grain in the same
                       proportion that it occurs in the United States supply. Kellogg USA uses only
                       grains approved by the United States government for food manufacturing,
                       and our on-package labeling for these grains is in compliance with current
                       U.S. Food & Drug Administration requirements.

                       For further information on current labeling requirements, you might want to
                       go to the web site of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and the U.S.
                       Department of Agriculture. You can access their web pages on
                       bioengineering in the following way:


                       Your comments are appreciated and will be taken into consideration as we
                       continue to seek ways to provide our consumers with grain-based foods of
                       superior nutrition for a healthier life. This includes the monitoring of new
                       technologies and findings relating to health issues which affect our products.

                       Thank you, again, for giving us an opportunity to respond.

                       Consumer Affairs
                       Kellogg Company"

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Received 05 June 2000