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E-Mail from Tesco

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In April 1999, Tesco announced plans to remove GM ingredients from all own
brand products. This extensive process has now been completed, and no Tesco
products are being made with GM ingredients.

At the outset Tesco decided to re-formulate all products to remove GM
ingredients, rather than simply de-list a number of popular lines. Tesco
brand covers over 15,000 lines - so this process has taken longer than other
supermarkets that have much smaller ranges. We have now checked the entire
supply base and re-formulated the small proportion of products that
contained GM ingredients to remove them.

It is possible that a small number of products are still in our stores
though we expect these will only last for a few months. All are fully
labelled to say that they contain GM ingredients and/or derivatives, so
individual customers can make a choice.

Tesco does not operate under a "GM-free" banner at the moment because we
believe it confuses customers. Like other supermarkets, we sell a large
number of branded products. Our policy of not using GM ingredients can not
extend to cover these other brands, so we still encourage customers to check
the labels of branded products if they want to avoid GM ingredients.

We are now focusing our attention on GM ingredients in animal feed, and
additives and derivatives (which, incidentally, are not "in almost all
Tesco-brand products" as GM Food Concern suggest).

If I can be of any further assistance please attach your reply to this

Kind regards
Linda Kelly
Customer Service Manager

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Received 26 May 2000